What Are E-Cigs And How Do They Work?

How do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

E-cigs or electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more mainstream. They have definitely become a viable alternative to regular cigarettes. Here is some more information about exactly what e-cigs are.

One cool thing about electronic cigarettes is that it’s possible to charge them with a USB cord connected to your laptop. In this modern day of technology, not needing a lighter can be pretty convenient when using an e-cig. Click here to see some of the best e-cigs around.

What Is An E-Cig?


An e-cig is comprised of a couple different parts. As stated before, most come with a lithium battery that can easily be recharged via the USB cord. Additionally there is a cartridge in the electronic cigarette made of glycerine, a distinct flavor, and the chemical nicotine.

To give the user the experience of smoking a cigarette there is also a LED light, which makes the e-cig look like it’s burning. There is also an atomizer in the e-cig that helps with dripping, which makes the flavor of the e-juice far more distinct. For this to happen the atomizer must be clean.

The last part of an e-cig is the sensor inside that activates when the user takes a drag. Activating the sensor causes the atomizer and LED light to operate.

When you take a drag of an e-cig the atomizer boils the e-juice or liquid in the e-cig. This causes the juice to turn into vapor that the user can inhale. The vapor causes a much smaller smoke cloud than a regular cigarette does. You can get the top e juices by doing research for both one with and without nicotine.

E-Cigs are definitely a viable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Just like cigarettes they contain nicotine, which makes them very relaxing. Unlike cigarettes they don’t require a lighter, and they emit a much smaller cloud of smoke. Electronic cigarettes have been popular in Europe and the United States since 2006, and have made vaping mainstream. There are also cheap box mods that are pretty new and becoming more popular everyday.

Started Working Out At Home And Seeing Results Already!

Working out at Home

I used to work out a good bit, and then for about a year I took a break from it. I didn’t like that I let myself get out of shape, but I didn’t have the energy to work out at all. I knew I wanted to get in shape again and live a healthier lifestyle so I started looking for apps for working out at home.

I found several apps on my phone that looked motivating and had exercise challenges I could do from home. This made it even better, because the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym. The best one I found was Beachbody On Demand.

I started doing these challenges and tried to do them daily to get into an exercise routine again. Even though they were easier exercises and there weren’t many repetitions to do, I knew I would start feeling better and be motivated to do more. For about a month I did these workouts from home and also walked on my treadmill for about a mile a day. After looking through an article on Body Beast Review I found that I had gotten the right program to do from anywhere.


More recently, I have been feeling great about working out. When I wake up in the morning I want to start doing exercises. I have since found more challenging workouts to do that fit into my schedule. I am seeing results, not so much in weight loss, but in toning up. I feel much better about myself and I am up to walking 2 miles a day on the treadmill. I try to work out at home at least 5 days a week. I feel my body craves exercise now and I am always looking for new workouts to try and new apps that have workouts that you can do from your own home. I want to continue working out and staying healthy and these apps really help. Always remember to get your nutrition after a good workout and trying something like Shakeology.